This semester has been a doozy, and if you’ve been following any of my posts, you only know the half of it. Crazy roommate syndrome, demons, idiots, boys, all on top of a crazy course load. There are few things that could have made it any worse.

But this isn’t about those negatives, because I seriously need to stop focusing on that part. This is my 50th post and it is a time for celebrating. This post is about all of the things that helped me through, the things that kept me sane, the reason I didn’t drop out of school halfway through this semester and go home forever.

1. My Sane Roommate: through all of this, we have gotten so much closer, and quite frankly, she is the greatest friend I could have ever hoped to encounter in college. She keeps me grounded, she’s made me – at least seem – that much more intelligent because she’s just so damn smart. Best of all, she showed me what it is like to be stood up for on the fiercest of levels. She is a quiet person, but she showed how strong she was in so many ways this semester, and I am proud of her for that.

2. My Friends: that have stuck by my side despite the drama I seem to bring into their lives, and the fact that I have been a complete hermit all semester. In the last few days when I was so done I said screw it and decided to be social, it was as if no time had past at all, and everything was as it always had been. After everything with losing people in my life this semester, it was good to know there were people that still cared.

3. My 3.0 GPA: I don’t have a clue how I pulled this one off considering I thought I was going to have a 2.0 this semester. A few good final grades, some added participation, and some small miracle got me to keep my scholarship and decent GPA.

4. The necessities: a roof over my head, shoes on my feet, and the ability to somehow make my electric bill every month. Living on your own makes you think a lot more about appreciating all the things you have.

5. Skating: for passing my tests, my incredible coach, my escape and my stress reliever.

I hope that next semester is far better than this past one, and that all these positives stay positive. Wish me luck xoxo


Odd Couples

Do you ever see two people walking down the street and think, how on earth are they together? Or everyone knows at least one couple where there is a definite settler and a definite reacher. Then there are just people in general that you are always so surprised to find out that they are a relationship. And of course, after thinking through all of these things, you look back at yourself and think, how am I still single, and these people are not?

I’m a nice person. I’m funny. I’m a highly entertaining person. Why won’t anyone love me!?!?! (I apologize for sounding like a needy, hormonal teenage brat. It’s passed I promise)

But after going through this in my head, I do something like turn around at a supermarket and run straight into a meat cart that I don’t remember being there two minutes ago. It is in these moments when I remember, these are the reasons I’m still single. Because who on the planet wants to voluntarily be attached to a naturally embarrassing person.

In general, we all have our klutzy days, and moments where everyone who knows us seriously questions who we are as human beings. But this is me on an hourly basis. I’m like a little deer that is constantly relearning how to walk, I have the attention span of a squirrel and the speech filter of a drunk Irishman. Needless to say, every day I am amazed that I retain the circle of friends that I do.

But regardless, you’d think someone out there would find this the least bit endearing. Sadly, no. What is endearing apparently are people who have no personality, people who spend their entire lives on Facebook posting depressing song lyrics or cat videos (though I am guilty of a few of those cat videos, they’re irrestable, SAIL!), or the people who look like they got dressed in the dark after eating the entire refrigerator and threw on some clown makeup because its a social construct to place goo all over your face even if it makes you look worse rather than better.

It’s not like I haven’t had the opportunity to be in a relationship, but I refuse to just settle and pair myself with the first thing that shows interest in me. Maybe I’m just picky, or maybe I’m more aware of how people look together. I’ve always been a relatively good judge of character. Perhaps the reason I only seem to “go for” jerks is because quite frankly, I come off as a bitch sometimes. Though who doesn’t? We’re not all saints here.

Even if, bitches go together, weirdos go together. Pretty people with highly unattractive “partners” or kind human beings with conceited assholes DO NOT go together. Yet we see them all the time. I totally understand that opposites attract. But thats science. This is relationships we’re talking about and if there was an actual science to relationships then it would be another class in school we’d all have to take and there would be many less broken hearts or strange couples wandering our planet.