About the Blogger

My name is Carrie Grace. Grace is my middle name, you will never know my last name. By the title of my blog, you guessed it, I’m twenty-something years old. I grew up in the suburb of a big city where nothing interesting ever happens. I go to school at the greatest university on earth and I’m studying god knows what for a job I still haven’t decided I want yet. I play a sport that no one really knows about and I am incredibly passionate about it. I come from a family that is too big for its own good, and has twice as many “secrets” as it does relatives. I am Italian, therefore I’m loud, and I am Irish, therefore I have a bit of a temper even though I’m one of the most saintly patient people you will ever meet. I am a klutz, I often break into random dance and I am often embarrassing to be seen with in public. Sometimes I wonder how I have such great friends. My friends mean the world to me, they are my rocks, my family, my everything. I could never let any of them go because they have all fought so hard to get me where I am and done so much for me. They also know too many of my embarrassing and unfortunate secrets. I am obsessed with my dog, and all dogs in general. Especially puppies. And dogs with floppy ears. And pointed ears that kind of flop at the tips. And dogs with blue eyes. And dogs with two different colored eyes. I have an obsession with dogs, get it? I’ve loved dogs since I was a little kid and I begged every birthday, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and every day in between to get a dog. My parents finally caved the summer before my senior year of high school and we got our first puppy, who is absolutely perfect and proved to my parents that we should have gotten one 2 decades ago, but no they had to wait until the year before I left for school where I would be away from this puppy I had been dreaming of 7 months out of the year. Thanks parents. I am a book nerd. I was that kid that actually got in trouble for reading too much. On more than one occasion I had books taken away from me because my parents thought I wasn’t getting my schoolwork done, or I wasn’t being social enough. I’m an introvert that has an extensive friend network. I was a born multi-tasker. I am constantly busy. Even when I’m relaxing, my mind is running in a million places – I do not know how to relax. This blog is for the billions of musings that go on in my head on a daily basis that will hopefully someday go in my memoir when I’m a famous/successful/mid-life-crisis-memoir-writing woman. I warn you now, these posts may be awkward, offensive, and inappropriate, but hopefully you might find them amusing. Feedback, whether negative or positive (but hopefully positive), is always welcome. Enjoy!



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