Sometimes I think there’s someone out there dreaming about someone like me. And then I think, meh, thats probably not true. No one could dream this up. If he could dream this crazy, then maybe we are destined for each other. 


Two Faced

It can be an insult, a name for a horrible person who plays on both sides, or the title of someone who has no idea who they are… I have never been happier here, but my family has no idea who I am here. I try to be me in both places, and I feel like I am, but according to everyone else, I’m not… 

Maybe that is my biggest fear about moving on in life, is not that I can’t do all of the things that I want to do. But that it is the girl that I am here at school that wants to do those things, and the second I leave, I might not be her any longer. Losing this version of me, this absolute best version of myself scares me. After all that I’ve been through, this is the girl that lives for a success story. This is the girl that gets to go through and be on top. But thats who she is here, in the la la land of college town, USA. Will she still be here even when I leave? Or will she change, like the chameleon, just trying to blend in enough to get by.