Looking in all the wrong places.


I’ve always been told, “don’t stay in a relationship unless you are blissfully happy”. Now if I had listened to this, I would have avoided a ton of horrible situations, and wasted far fewer tears. But now I’ve found people who do take this advice, yet the still end up hurt, heartbroken, and crying to me – which I find amusing considering my dreadful relationship track record.



Within the past month, two of my friends who were in the definition of blissfully happy relationships have had said relationships fall into complete shambles. Fantastic right? I keep trying to search for all of these things to tell them and I’m totally coming up blank every time. What do you tell a person who went from being perfectly happy to a mess of smudged mascara. And somehow, they always come to me for advice. The two-actual-relationship pony with not a clue in the world as to how relationships do or should function. So I started to think, maybe they’re not looking for advice on their relationship with other people, but their relationship with themselves.




Think about it; when you’re young and you start dating for the first time, what is your motive? Is it always because of the other person, their qualities, seeing your entire lives together? Or is it how they make you feel? How you feel from the attention your relationship gets? You feel wanted, desired, and loved when in reality it’s a lot about status. You’re cool if you have a boyfriend, you’re weird if you don’t. Like being single means you have no friends and you’re lonely. I know some people in relationships that are the loneliest people I’ve ever met. I haven’t been in a relationship in two years and I have never felt so loved. Now it makes sense why people come to me. The relationship drama doesn’t stem from the relationship itself, it stems from something completely different.



Someone once asked me if I was in a relationship and upon my reply of no, they asked if it was a choice or something in the most pitying tone of all time (FYI I have come to adore this person since). First of all, this is an extremely offensive question because it makes it seem like you have to be with someone in order to be…normal. Not just to be someone, but to be average at best.



Well I’m here to say that I don’t need someone in my life to be above average. I have overcome so many insecurities and obstacles to become the person I am today, and I have never been more confident in who I am. I’ve never had so many friends that care about me so much in my entire life. I’ll admit it, I was weird in high school, and those were the years where I actually had a relationship. I was insecure, I had no self confidence, I was depressed, and lonely no matter what kind of relationship I was in.

So maybe the reason everyone comes to me is because they want this, the life I have. They’re just looking for it in all the wrong places. Confidence does not come from others. It stems from ourselves and the way we look out on life. You are responsible for your own happiness and you have to live with you. So before you go looking to someone else for happiness, try finding it in yourself. You are spectacularly you, flaws, mistakes, and insecurities included, so be wonderfully confident in that.












Last Day In the Sunshine State

Well, it’s come to the time where we must head home and leave the land of sunshine behind. This has been the most exhausting vacation ever, but we’ve seen so much and it’s been one of the greatest experiences. So I am here to pass along all of the little tidbits I’ve learned on our little adventure.

Disney Do’s, Do Not’s, and Dazzling Details

We only did two days in the Disney parks which is DEFINITELY not enough time to cover all the property has to offer. If you want to see everything in Disney, you need an absolute minimum of 5 days. But for anyone traveling with an older crowd (my sister and I are 20 and 16) I recommend what we did to absolutely anyone. 

Magic Kingdom: If you are staying on Disney property, check for the early entrance days, I highly suggest them because there are half as many people in the park as on a usual day. If you are not, avoid these days at all costs because there will be twice as many people in that park by the middle of the day. Head out to one of the other parks to be safe. Make sure you arrive at opening time because this is the only park that has a good morning welcome like no other. In true Disney style, you will be welcomed in to the world of Walt Disney and it really puts you in the spirit.

Once you’re in the park speed your way one back into the new Fantasyland. May I just add how much I adore the new additions? There is some construction still going on, but you do not notice it at all. Hit up Belle and Arielle’s new attractions. They are the most crowed but well worth seeing. Fast passes are also the greatest thing ever invented; I’ll talk about them more below.

Character Breakfasts: I recommend attending at least one, for kids of all ages. The breakfasts tend to have a lot of variety of who attends them and they are often your only definite for some of the characters. My family did not attend one this trip, and I did not get to see Repunzel, the only character I absolutely wanted to see as I am obsessed with the movie Tangled (if you haven’t, you must), but I heard she had been at multiple character breakfasts from people we met in the park – I easily make friends with 7 year old girls on lines for rides apparently.

Cinderella’s Castle Diner: I highly recommend this for anyone with little girls attending Magic Kingdom. The four main Princesses (Aurora, Jasmine, Cinderella, and Ariel) walk around for pictures and autographs. If you have a late reservation, you can watch the fireworks through the back window which is almost as good as watching them from on the street, and far less crowded. The kids menu has options that are great for picky eaters, but for older children and picky adults, the adult meals are not for those afraid of things that are a little out there. Also, they may say to arrive half an hour before your reservation time, but they do not allow you to even check in until that time, so no rush, enjoy the last few hours at the park.

Hollywood Studios: This is a must do early a.m. park. Get there at the open and if you’re a thrill seeker like I am, jump on the line to Tower of Terror, then send a member of your party over to Rockin’ Roller Coaster to pick up your fast passes as you wait for the ride to open. Then mad dash over to the new Toy Story ride and pick up fast passes over there. This is a continuous ride – meaning they are constantly loading passengers and not waiting for a car to come back so they can load up – and the wait can still reach over 120+ mins and fast passes usually run out. While you’re in the back, check out the Great Movie Ride or some of the other shows until its your time to ride.

Park Hopper Ticket: HIGHLY recommended for this park. Hollywood does not have a ton to do for younger kids, and every time my family has gone we’ve split it with Epcot and it’s worked out splendidly. Start your day at Hollywood Studios, head on over to Epcot for the afternoon, then jump on back to Hollywood Studios for Fantasmic. There are ferries and monorails that take you between the two parks for easy access.

Epcot: Not one of my favorites, but there are a few must do’s here. Soarin’ is one of the most incredible rides I’ve ever been on, it’s quite the experience. Fast Passes are highly recommended. While you wait for your fast pass time, there are great shows or continuous rides, Nemo being one of my favorites and it just so happens to be right next door. Test Track always has a long wait, so make that an early morning if that is one of your top must do’s. My dad rode using the single passenger line and had a quarter of the wait and said while the ride was good, it wasn’t an absolute must.

Disney does not offer refillable water bottles like SeaWorld and Universal do, so be prepared to spend on water or go for drinks that will keep you hydrated longer like Power- and Gatorade.

Fantasmic: An absolute must. There are two showings every night, if you are with a group that can stay wake late enough, go for the second showing. It’s much less crowded and you only need to arrive an hour before showtime to get a decent seat as opposed to the suggested hour and a half two hours for the earlier showing. Be warned: the show is completely outdoors, so poor weather can result in delays and cancellations.

SeaWorld, Orlando: Hints, Tips, Ins, and Outs

So far vacation has been outstanding. Our week began with a very smooth flight, and settling in to our gorgeous resort. Our family has never stayed at a resort, we’ve always been a hotel kind of family. I will now refuse to stay at any hotel if a resort is an option. We’re at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort which is on Disney property. You can see that big golf ball of Epcot from our room! (Note to self, on Epcot day, figure out what that thing is called…). 

Our first day of adventuring took us to SeaWorld which has now become my favorite place in the world. My sister and dad had plans to go and swim with the Beluga whales (their birthdays are a day apart) and I had plans to stare on in envy (swimming with Belugas happened to be on my bucket list since our last visit to SeaWorld when I was 5). Well I got a very big surprise when my parents told me that I wouldn’t just be watching, but my mom had messed up the ticket order and it would be my sister and I swimming with the Belugas. I continued to skip through the park for 2 hours until it was time to suit up and get in the pool. If anyone ever gets the opportunity to get to SeaWorld and has any kind of notion to get in 50 degree water and swim with a 3,000lb animal, I highly recommend it. Beluga’s are underestimated creatures. Shamu, Orcas and Dolphins are plastered all over, but it is almost impossible to find a single thing about Belugas. This experience gave me a far greater appreciation for these animals, and their trainers and caretakers. It is a highly recommended experience.

Here are a few tips for your next visit to SeaWorld:

  1. Get there early! It is stated that the park opens at 9, but that is when lines are allowed to enter exhibits and rides. We arrived around 8:30 and were able to enter the park at that time and were part of the first group into most exhibits!

Dart to Antartica! It is the newest exhibit and therefore the most popular. It is also freezing cold inside so the lines during the heat of the day to get in for the 15 minute ride are outrageous. Get there first and be one of the first to go through. Be warned that when I say its freezing cold inside, I mean it is literally freezing cold. The employees are dressed in full parkas and snow gear. 

  1. Arrive to shows early. Get to any show about half an hour before show time. When they warn you about the splash zone for the Shamu show, they really mean drench zone for the first 10 rows. Wear a parka or sit much further back if you don’t want to leave the show with your soaked clothes. 

  2. Stop by the Dolphin Nursery! This is one of the most incredible things and I love that SeaWorld has this available. It is a full outdoor tank where newborn Dolphins and their mothers are brought while the babies grow. As a huge dolphin lover, this was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever witnessed, seeing the way the baby and mother interacted and how much such a young animal can do. The baby that was in there when we went was only six weeks old and was keeping up with the two other mature dolphins in the tank. Truly amazing. 

  3. Swim with a something. After my experience with the Belugas, I don’t know that I will ever return to SeaWorld and not have one of the interactive experiences. There are a few different options to choose from and if the others are anything like the one my sister and I had, they are well worth it. Dolphins are the most popular, but this means larger groups and less one on one interaction time with the animals. Belugas, as I said before, are very underestimated creatures, so my sister and I were the only ones in our group. So while you might want to jump ahead and swim with the dolphins, consider something a little different. I had a completely different view of the shows we saw for the rest of the day because of the experience I had. The amount of trust and the bond that trainers have with these animals is something you have to really witness to understand. Buy the full picture CD to share with friends and family. The pictures are extremely high quality so you can blow up all of the fabulous shots. When you receive the CD, you also receive all the rights to the pictures so you can use them however you like (put them on your blog for example 😉 ). If you should choose the Beluga whale encounter, check out the Arctic gift shop and pick up a Beluga whale picture frame. This is the only store where you can find any Beluga merchandise – at least that I saw.

    Also, this isn’t really a tip, but more of a you need to do this. Buy a refillable water bottle, and constantly refill it. My sister ended up with minor heat exhaustion and dehydration. Florida is hot and you are outside most of the day, drink water! Water bottles, as at any sort of amusement park, are extremely expensive. I guarantee you that you will earn all of your money back and more after only a few hours.  


Travel Plans: To the Sunshine State!

Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.” 

-Walt Disney



Today my family and I are headed down to Florida for a fabulous Disney/SeaWorld/Universal vacation. 7 days in the sunshine state. We haven’t been to Disney since ’04, SeaWorld since ’98 (yeah the 90s…) and we’ve never been to Universal, so needless to say my inner child is having a field day. Are we there yet?

Our flight takes off in t-minus 4 hours (Woo!), so I decided to update the blog. It’s been one of my goals to actually maintain a blog for more than a week. In case you were wondering, this isn’t my first. I have some spare time, so here y’all go.

Airport Travel

What to wear:

Comfy chic. You never know who you’ll meet in an airport terminal, and if you happen to travel the way I do, you often encounter many beautiful military men, so it always counts to look your best. I’m not saying travel in a ball gown here, but steer clear of tee shirts, sweatshirts and leggings. If there is one thing I’ve discovered in my mission to revamp my entire closet to become the shabby chic I know I can totally rock, its that there are tons of fashionably comfy clothes out there if you’re willing to look for them. My new found favorite, the granny sweater – at least thats what I call it. Those days from once upon a time ago where we hid those giant sweaters your grandmother used to knit you at the holidays in the bottom of your closet are over. A recent trip to H&M showed me that giant sweaters are a definite in for this coming fall season. I may have bought 3. Don’t tell my credit card. Airports can be cold while your waiting for hours for your flight to get in, so even though its August, I’m rocking a light knit granny sweater with denim shorts from American Eagle (I live in the super stretchies in the summer, so comfy), paired with my Geneva rose gold watch, my new beautiful business bag from Sears – believe it or not – and gold Michael Kors sandals. Sandals are a summer airport essential. You have to take your shoes off to get through security so you need something easy to slip on and off so you don’t hold up traffic (this switches to slip on boots in the fall and winter ladies and gentledudes).

What to eat:

Avoid those airplane snacks, bring something healthy from those little shops they seem to have popping up everywhere. Stick to a small beverage because let’s face it, who wants to use those teeny little airplane bathrooms… eww. If you get kinda airsick from how stuffy those darn planes are, ginger ale or a diet coke clear that right up. A trail mix from the concession, or a granola bar paired with some water or diet coke is probably your best option here loves.

How to pack:

Check your toiletries and gooies. Better to avoid issues with security at all costs. Roll your clothes in your suitcase, you can fit more and they have fewer creases when you take them out! Carry on essentials: one magazine, one book, laptop, phone, chargers, headphones, wallet, and if your touring as I am, your camera. Delta’s phone app boarding passes are the greatest thing ever invented, paired with one of those phone cases with built in card holders for your ID, you’ll fly through security. Make sure your laptop and any toiletries that you absolutely must bring on the plane with you are easily accessible so you’re not fumbling through your bag on the security line.

Considering I’m a student that attends school 500 miles away from home and have racked up quite the amount of frequent flyer miles, I like to consider myself a travel connoisseur.

Safe travels my little tortoises!

Stranger than Fiction

When you think about it, our lives are 90% fiction; the lies we tell, our dreams for the future, or misrepresentations of the past, the stories you hear on the news, the fabrications we use to make our boring lives sound more interesting than they actually are. Most of what we put out into the world has very little truth to it. Truth is narrowed down to numbers and indisputable facts. The rest is just fiction.